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A Silencer for the Butt

Posted by Felix Diamond on May 10, 2007

Last Sunday afternoon I had the opportunity to watch Gbenga Adeyinka, the self-styled Comedian of the Federal Republic (CFR) on AIT television. He was asking one guy to choose one of three diseases, which are:

1. You have a terrible mouth odour
2. You have a terrible body odour
3. You fart too frequently and unusually too loud

It is compulsory to be afflicted by at least one of these diseases. Well, the guy decided to settle for number 3, which is farting too frequently and too loud. I could not hear the reason he gave for his choice.

I turned to my friend beside me and asked him which one he preferred. Surprisingly, he also preferred number 3. I asked him why. He replied, “This can be managed. All I have to do is fix a silencer to my butt. Anytime I fart, the silencer will muffle the sound”.

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