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A Cashier or Immigration Officer?

Posted by Felix Diamond on May 30, 2007

The cashier examined the check over again and again. Finally, she looked up and asked the young man, “Your identification, please?” The young man produced his student’s ID card. The cashier examined it and returned it to him. “Please bring your Passport or driver’s license. This ID card is already expired”, she told him. The young man put his hand in the back pocket of his jeans trouser and gave her his International Passport. The cashier examined it and returned it back to him. “Your Passport is already expired. I can’t pay you unless you bring a valid identification”, saying this, she returned his cheque to him.

“Who the f**k do you think you are? A goddamn immigration officer?” exploded the young man. “Can I see the manager, please?” he demanded. “I’m sorry you can’t see the manager. Go and bring a valid identification”, she dismissed him off-handedly. By this time, one of the bank’s security men had already approached the young man to keep him calm. “Keep you your goddamn hands off me. I’m not leaving here until I get paid or see the manager”, he yelled at the security man.

The bank’s manager, attracted by the noise from the banking hall, came out of his office. Seeing the young man being accosted by the security man, he walked over to him and said, “Is there any way I can assist you, sir?” The young man fumed, “Yes. Tell this your cashier to quit acting like a goddamn immigration officer. I gave her my school’s ID card; she said it expired last year. I gave her my International Passport; she said it is also expired. Alright, I agreed they are expired, does that affect my identity? Am I expired? Can’t you just identify me and pay me?”

To cut the story short, the manager invited the young man into his office and he came out after a few minutes. He represented his cheque at the cashier, got paid and went away.

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