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Wicked Revenge

Posted by Felix Diamond on June 6, 2007

There is one thing James didn’t like about going to church on Sundays, and this is being asked to sit closer to the front rows by the ushers. James preferred to sit at the far back or towards the middle of the church auditorium so that he can slip in or out of the church unnoticed. However, the ushers are always giving him and others hard times by insisting that the front rows seats must be occupied first.

Three Sundays ago, hardly has James stepped into the auditorium when the ushers begin to direct him towards the empty front rows. He ignored all of them and went to sit somewhere between the middle and the back of the church auditorium. One particular young female usher was known to be particularly insistent. He followed James to his seat and told him to move to the front. James ignored her again, bent down his head and closed his eyes to say a short prayer. When he opened his eyes, the female usher was still beside him. He tapped him on the shoulder and told again him in a low voice to move to the front rows.

A wicked glint of smile flashed across James’ face. He raised his head up in his seat and said in a loud voice, “Please leave me alone. I told you I’m not interested. I am married, can’t you understand?” Everybody turned their eyes towards James and the usher. Some members laughed, while others opened their mouths in astonishment. The lady usher felt very embarrassed, and looked as if she wished the earth will swallow her. She quietly withdrew from the auditorium and went to the back of the church. She never bothered James again about where to sit in the church.

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