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Wonderers or Wanderers?

Posted by Felix Diamond on May 14, 2007

Have you ever be in a hurry moving through a crowd and yet see some people idly moving as if they have all the time in the world? Instead of these people moving faster or step aside for you to pass, they will just occupy the way and walked leisurely as if they do not have somewhere important to go.

This is a common example in Lagos everyday. Try moving through Obalende, Oshodi or Agege market, and you will feel like punching someone. The annoying thing is that, as you are hurrying along some will stop suddenly in your front to watch one spectacle or the other beside the road. Sometimes, you cannot help but bump into them. Most annoying are fat people moving ahead of you in the crowd. They block all available ways of escape with their main frames. If they have massive rears, then forget about overtaking them. Just accept your faith and  tow the line.

Try using a pedestrian bridge to cross to the other side of the road, only to be checkmated by a man and a woman holding hands as they walked on the bridge. There is no way you can pass them without breaking their cord, and doing this can lead to a street fight. Ever try to rush past some old folks in a crowded place? It is a practical lesson on patience. Move this way, they block you, move that way, they are there too, walking slowly. You dare not side-stepped or push them, else you commit murder.

Kunle, a JJC to Lagos, was busy with other idlers, watching a magician perform by the side of the road, one sunny afternoon at Oshodi. All of a sudden, two guys beside him started fighting. In the ensuing melee, Kunle was pushed down alongside others. Anyway, some peace-makers stopped the fight, and the fighters went their way. Inside the bus, on the way home, Kunle put his hand inside his back pocket to retrieve his purse. The purse was no longer there. The purse contains ten thousand naira he went to borrow from a friend, in addition to a few naira notes he had there. The price of wondering or wandering.

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