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A Call from the Dead

Posted by Felix Diamond on April 25, 2007

A certain fellow started calling my mobile line since the last ten days. He said he is one engineer Balogun my schoolmate from the University of Ibadan. I do not know him at all, and how he came by my mobile phone number, I do not know either. This guy calls me virtually everyday. I suspected him to be a fraudster, but since I wanted a little fun, decided to play along with him for a while. What does he want?

He said he is a businessman residing at Abuja and has just received a contract to supply some computers and accessories to a certain ministry in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Since, he knows I am a computer professional and I reside in Lagos, he wants me to do the supply for him, sharing the profit 50-50. The profit runs into millions of Naira by calculation. He said if I wish the payment will be made in my business name on delivery of the items.

After playing along with him for a few days, I decided the time has come for me to chase him off my back. I consulted with some friends, and I decided to use the suggestion of one of them.

So, last week Friday, when Mr. Balogun called me to ask how far, I picked up the phone and answered like this, “Hello Mr. Balogun, from the enquiries I made about you, I learnt that you were dead about two weeks ago. Did they allow dead people to make phone calls in hell? Sorry, I can’t do business with you as the law forbids business with dead people”.

There was a long silence at the other end of the phone, and the guy cut off the call without saying any word. Needless to say, the guy has stopped calling me since then.

3 Responses to “A Call from the Dead”

  1. Not thinking straight said


    i like your style,
    i often seem to get people phoning me offering me mobile phones, so i like to reel them in for a minute or two and then say “oooh hang on a minute i just have to put the phone down”
    i put the phone down on the side and then make a cup of tea and have a cigarette, occasionally shouting at the phone “hang on i will be with you in a minute”
    managed to keep one on there for about 10 minutes,



  2. verbocity said

    That’s a good one NTS. I like your style; making them burn their credits.

  3. Not thinking straight said


    the problem with these companies is that once they get what they call a live number the will pester you to death,
    but if they are going to pester you have some fun
    other good ones to do are

    pretend that you think its one of your mates winding you up, so just start laughing and say “ha ha come on dave i know its you, you cant fool me” etc etc

    or another fave is to ask them to spell every word they say,always a winner !

    luckily i donr get many if any sales calls now as i have calling line id so i just dont answer the phone.



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