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The Midget Policeman

Posted by Felix Diamond on April 20, 2007

Joe is a commercial driver who plies the Lagos to Benin road daily. Like other drivers, he constantly faces the harassment of the police on the road, who demands nothing but settlements whether the vehicle’s papers are correct and complete or not. So, when Silas his younger brother, who is awaiting his posting after finishing from the Police College, visited him, he saw a quick solution to the frequent Police harassments on the road.
He asked his younger brother to be joining him on his trips, and whenever the police are checking as usual, he will tell them he has a staff on board. Silas, a thin small-statured boy, will be sitting with the passenger in the front.
On one of the checkpoints, Joe told the policemen that he cannot settle them since he has a staff on board. The checking policeman, a six-footer, looked inside the bus, found no one in uniform and angrily demanded the driver to produce the so called staff.
Silas, hearing the conversation from the front seat, a little nervous by now, came down from the bus, awkwardly done a salute, and told the policeman that he is a staff. The policeman looked at him up and down, then up and down again, as if he was looking at a dwarf, and said to him, “Small boy, are you saying you are a policeman?”. Silas replied and said, “Yes, I am”. The policeman, not believing that someone so small can be in the force, demanded, “Show me your ID card”. Silas produced his ID card from the wallet in his pocket. The policeman scrutinized the ID card for a long time, and then handed it back to him. He said to him, “Sorry, small police, you will grow up soon. You can go”.


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