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Pscho Buddy

Posted by Felix Diamond on April 18, 2007

Sometimes ago I was in a commercial bus in Lagos going to Obalende. As the bus was descending the slope that enters Obalende, amidst jams of human and vehicular activities, some passengers started asking the bus conductor for their change (balance) as they disembark from the bus.

As usual, the conductor had not enough change to give to everybody. The driver shouted at him to go and look for change before the bus will finally stop. A street urchin (Area Boy) was passing by, and hearing the driver spoke to the conductor, suddenly burst out, “Don’t mind him, that is how he usually behave. Instead of looking for change he was just sitting down there. Ode!. As he said this, he just continued walking, without looking back. Everybody in the bus burst out laughing.

* Ode is a Yoruba word meaning stupid person.


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