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More Haste less Speed

Posted by Felix Diamond on April 27, 2007

I remembered leaving home early on Monday morning, to beat the Monday morning traffic before it finally got out of hand. We are being asked to be in office by 7.00am that day in order to have time to prepare for a special event taking place in the office that morning. As I sped along the Bank Anthony expressway, I was enjoying myself shifting gears and changing lanes.

Then it happened close to Maryland. I changed lane to the left in order to overtake a slick, blue Toyota Avensis car in front of me. But the Mercedes car behind me decided to accelerate, thereby closing the gap to the left. To avoid being hit from behind, I swerved to the right again, thereby hitting the new-looking Toyota car from the back, who has started changing lane to the left.

Gbese! I quickly leveled up with the driver of the Toyota car, a man in his middle age with a lady sitting beside him. “I’m sorry sir. E ma binu. I’m sorry”, I blurted out, looking at him like a school kid caught in a wrong act by his teacher.

Both of us got out to survey the damage to the Toyota car. Luckily it was minimal, just a slight brushing of the side. The guy looked at me and said, “My friend, count yourself lucky this morning because I’m in a hurry”. “Thank you, sir”, I said, feeling relieved that it is all over so soon. “And next time you hit my car”, he said, pointing his finger at me, “make sure you hit it hard enough to cause a big dent, then I can deal with you better”. I walked back to my car speechless. As I drove away, I said to myself, “What a close shave”.

*Gbese in Yoruba means debt
*E ma binu in Yoruba means don’t be offended.

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